Life's too short for the wrong job . . .

Jul 15, 2011

Since my future occupation is pretty much set in stone, I enjoy living vicariously through others who are in the process of figuring out their future.
Two of my favorite people to observe are my sister Ellie and my boyfriend Josh.

 Josh's friend hit the nail on the head when he called him a dabbler.
I know I am biased, but I would definitely consider him a jack-of-all-trades. 
He's done . . . or at least thought about doing everything under the sun. 
In high school he worked at a cookie dough factory, mowed yards, and worked at Abercrombie. That's soooooo year 2000.
After highschool he worked in New Orleans for disaster relief after Hurricane Katrina.  He bartended through college and also worked at a Vet office. He has dreamed of owning a restaurant (even down to creating a menu) and he's recently been brewing his own beer with the hopes of starting a micro-brewery.
 He can literally play every instrument in the world, and I’ve tried multiple times to get him to try out for American idol, but he just won't do it. 
I'm sneakily trying to record him when he's not paying attention so that I can upload it to YouTube and make him an overnight sensation. . . 

Ellie on the other hand changes her future plans weekly, but she’s only 17 so it comes with the territory.
In the past year she has gone from wanting to be a lawyer, interior designer, something in public relations, a politician, medical saleswoman (thanks Love and Other Drugs) and she's even considering going to med school (so that "she could be in charge of me and boss me around").
She is also super talented, musically. 
She can sing, write and play guitar with the best of 'em.

Anyways, I came across these pictures a while back and the title of the ad campaign was "Life's too short for the wrong job."
They reminded me of my two favorite Dabblers!
Enjoy :)

Life's too short for the wrong job


Maggie said...

i LOVE it. i can definitely relate.... and not sure how much longer my parents are gonna tolerate my dabbling and meandering around life. the "well, what are you gonna do next, maggie?" conversations are becoming more and more frequent.... FML.

Ellie said...

Helllppppppppp me decide.........

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