Charlie is . . . a scavenger

Oct 29, 2011

This dog has major talent.
He's been known to scavenge (can you use that as a noun?) many things
 (like my cupcakes the last two times I've gone to Sprinkles . . . I'm still bitter)
. . . but I think a skunk's tail tops them all. 

Josh came home the other day to find this little trove of treasures under his guest bed.

His expression at the end is totally like "Wtf? I didn't do it. Gah."

This is from Josh's old house in college.
(btw, wood paneling is so hot right now)

His face just screams bustedddddd.

Not even sure what went down here . . .

Lately he's been on a rabbit kick.
No, silly dog, guinea pigs are not rabbits.

As soon as Josh opens his apartment door, Charlie's first instinct is to immediately lodge himself in the bushes (see video below) with the hopes of finding a rabbit.

What a weird one.

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