Our Halloweekend

Oct 30, 2011

I got to spend another weekend jam packed full of awesomeness with my two favorite dudes . . . 

Charlie wasn't as entertained by CharDee McDennis as I was . . .

Texas loves Ron Paul.
Hmmm, Ron Paul wins another straw poll

Wine and cheeeeese . . . along with a fantastic home cooked meal, I might add.

Saturday night, we had tickets to go see a band we've been wanting to see for a while . . . 

For future reference, if you ever go to the annual Ghostland show Halloween weekend in Dallas:
1) Wear a costume
2) Don't be sober
3) Show up SUPER late 
4) Beware of little girls covered in glitter, they are evil and will hurt you in order to get a good view

Anyways, the show was nuts.
I love lasers.

 This morning, we had Sunday brunch at our current favorite restaurant around . . . 

I need this light fixture in my life.
(or my imaginary future house)

Fried green tomatoes, egg, bacon, and cheese sammy. 

Blueberry creme brûlée stuffed french toast coated in Captain Crunch.
True. Story.

Happy (almost) Halloween!

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