Totally Terrific Tuneday: Mustard the homeless guy "Creep"

Oct 12, 2011

First off let me drop a little knowledge on you about Mustard.
I love mustard, in fact my favorite is the "Bone Suckin Mustard" you can pick up from the Texas Smokehouse gas station in Tyler, TX Exit 571A.
Anyways, to make a long story short, the coolest mustard is a homeless dude.
 He was brought in on a radio show to promote their "homeless shopping spree."
They had no idea this guy could sing.
The DJs were interviewing Mustard, and it came up in conversation that he had written some songs and that he could play guitar.
So what did 'ol Mustard do?
Welp, they got him a guitar, he sang his little heart out, and this is what came about.

Mustard drops an F bomb or two.

Now he has an album on iTunes.



Anonymous said...

I heard Homeless Mustard died a few weeks ago?? Can you confirm this sad news?

Anonymous said...

Oops my bad. O&A lied. Mustard LIVES!

Emily said...

hah, you had me worried there for a sec

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