"God Bless You" . . . get it right

Oct 10, 2011

So I have this roommate named Trish.

She lets me cut holes in her socks so I can try to make my boring flat hair into culry vivacious hair.

She miiiight be an alien because she has two right eyeballs.

. . . but it's ok, because she's a sweet alien who leaves us candy and sweet messages on the counter.

Anyways, the other night Trish and I were discussing how no one ever says "God bless you" anymore.
I immediately thought of my favorite Dane Cook joke and told her once she sees this video she will never be able to say a regular 'ol fashioned "bless you" without lol'ing.
(Side note: Lol means laugh out loud, by the way)
(Saw this on my fav website ParentsShouldntText.com, but click here for some funny texts of my own)

Even though Mr. Dane Cook tends to tell jokes in the dirtiest, cussiest form possible, I found an edited version that is still just as funny.
Be patient and watch the whole video to the end, there's a great kicker!

Happy Monday! 

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