Mile High Music Festival 2008

Oct 25, 2011

The summer of 2008 was filled with lots and lots of traveling and music.
Not only did we get to go to the first annual Rothbury Music Festival, but we also went to the first annual Mile High Music Festival in Denver.

It was a long, loud, windy ride (5 deep!) in Bart's Foe-Runner . . .
No worries, I held down the back end on top of all the luggage pretty well.
The lineup was pretty loaded with some big names, and we did our best to wake up early enough to hold down the fort on the front row.
We were so young and and full of energy and naive back then . . . 

Bret Dennen.
Citizen Cope.
Awkward eye contact!
Maggie and I made friends with some sweet Colorado girls, and we still keep in touch with Holly who is also a huge music festival fan (on the left).
Jared made friends with this lovely individual.

Gavin Degraw stood on the glittery piano.


One Republic
John Mayer came out 30 mins early and played "Start Me Up"

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
We were the recipients of many winks from Mr. Petty himself.
True story.
Steve Winwood joined Tom on stage for a few.
Why, hello there Santy Clause.
We became besets buddies with the security guard, Wes Russ, my b.
Highlight of the weekend: 
. . . being front row for Dave Matthews Band, again.
Jared and Josh took their annual pic.
Conveniently, beside a water bottle of pee.
Half the photo creeds go out to Mags and Josh.
Mad skillzzz guys.
Yes, thats right, skills with three z's.

So after I posted this, I was kindly reminded by the attendees of some memories I left out.
In the spirit of documenting and not forgetting these pertinent moments in time I will list them here:

-Bart's car didn't have a tail light and working lights in the dashboard, and we were driving to Denver overnight, so we had to ride the whole way with the flashers on and using a cell phone light to see the speedometer and the gas tank meter thing.

-In one of the sprints to the main stage to hold down a spot on the front row, Josh didn't realize running down a hill was involved, until he had done a flip and smacked his face flat on the grass.
It was a learning experience.

-Gavin Degraw decided to jump off the stage and stand on the railing in front of Bart and "put his groin way to close for comfort"

-Some obnoxious little kiddies, decided to embarrass themselves at the DMB show much more than they knew by screaming "Hey Dave!" to the music at the time when we (the individuals much more educated in the ways of Dave) were singing the line "evvvvveryday"

-We got verbally and physically abused by a Rodrigo y Gabriella fan who was kinda upset by our lawn chairs keeping her from being front row for her favorite band in the universe, I guess.
I might have mayyyybe accidentally asked her if she was pregnant, fully aware that she wasn't.

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