Meeting Justin Vernon and the "Gayng" at ACL 2010

Oct 19, 2011

Last fall, Josh and I had the privilege of running into one of our favorite musicians of all time, Justin Vernon.
Here's the scoop:
We got tickets to see Gayngs (Justin Vernon's little side project during his time off from Bon Iver) play a show the night before they were scheduled to play at Austin City Limits. 
While waiting around on the patio for the show to start at Emo's, I saw this peculiar character ride by me on a bicycle.
The following conversation ensued:
Me: If you saw Justin Vernon would you recognize him?
Josh: Probably, is he wearing a bow tie?
Me: Yes.
Josh: Is he wearing a fanny pack?
Me: Yes.
Josh: Does he have a beard?
Me: Yes.
Followed by some panicked expletives, lots of sweating, and in a rare act of bravery (and lack of thinking) I grabbed Josh and we followed Justin backstage.
You know, all calm, cool, and collected . . . like we were with the band or something.
I'm so embarrassed.
So worth it.

The show was great.
Bear in Heaven opened, and we fell in love with Gayngs (and Mikey, another Bon Iver member)

After the show, we got to meet Mikey, and also some of the Bear in Heaven and Gayngs guys.

. . . and then Josh got jumped by some friendly 6th Street hooligans, a little fight went down, some of the Gayngs guys even helped fight off some of the bad guys, I lost a shoe, Sutton broke his nose, and this kind stranger put it back into place . . . 
. . . and then the Gayngs bus and all their gear and instruments got stolen by their bus driver and they couldn't play ACL the next day.
True story, google it.
 . . . or just click here.
But its ok, they sued and won $100,000.

Nonetheless, the festival was still awesome.

We got to see Blind Pilot for the first time.

Yeasayer was phenom.

I'm pretty impressed with my picture skills with this pic.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros were lovely.

Loved some Band of Horses.

The National.
I'm not necessarily a fan, so blah, Josh is though.

My favorite vid of the weekend:

There are tons more videos from the weekend here.

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