Dinner (If I were a housewife) + Guy on a Buffalo

Oct 17, 2011

In the spirit of all things Buffalo . . . 
(thanks to this great video Josh found)

Here are some meals incorporating buffalo chicken that I would love to create if I had all the time in the world, an amazing kitchen, and a large family to feed:

Meal option number one: 
Baked seasoned fries with skinny garlic aioli for the side dish/"vegetable"
Photo credit: Skinnytaste.com
(Here's the recipe from SkinnyTaste.com)

Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese as the main dish.
Photo credit: Closetcooking.com
 Here's the recipe from ClosetCooking.com

Meal option number two:

Sweet potato cakes with sour cream and chipotle black bean salsa for the side dish/vegetable:
photo credit: http://lisaiscooking.blogspot.com
Here's the recipe.

Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas for the main dish
 Here's the recipe from HowSweetEats.com

 . . . and for dessert
Double Caramel Cake 
Photo credit: CulinaryConcoctionsByPeabody.com
Here's the recipe from CulinaryConcoctionsByPeabody.com

Now, get to cookin!

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