Man vs. Food Madness

Oct 11, 2011

For the past few years, as we have travelled to different cities around the country, we always made a point to research all of the Man vs. Food stops along the way.
We don't go to these places for the crazy food challenges or jumbo sized food, we just think Adam Richman has pretty awesome taste in food.
(Also, Josh does a ridiculous impression of him, and I thoroughly enjoy watching him eat and describe every bite in Adam's distintive, dramatic voice.)

Here's some of our favorite Man vs. Food stops at various cities around the country: 

When in Denver, we always stop at Cherry Cricket.
Amazing burgers with a bazillion toppings to choose from.
The first time I had cream cheese on a burger!

 We were in Denver for the Mile High Music Festival in 2008.

While in Seattle we hit up Red Mill Burgers and Beth's.

My fav burger in the country.
They had us at "secret Red Mill sauce" . . . 

. . . not to mention the mile high stack of bacon.

Beth's was pretty much a waffle house on steroids.
Hashbrowns for days.

While in Boston, we checked out Eagle's Deli & The Barking Crab.
(This was the only place that we've actually attempted a food challenge, and failed.)

A trip to New Orleans isn't complete without a stop by Cafe du Monde, Mother's, & Acme Oyster House.

The po-boys, jambalaya, and bread pudding were well worth the wait in the rain.

After Josh convinced me to bravely eat my first oyster, we got to meet Stormin Norman! 

In Memphis, me, Josh, and Mikey checked out Rendezvous BBQ, Kooky Canuck, and Gus's Fried Chicken.

In Chicago, we went to Lucky's Sandwhich Shop and Gino's East for deep dish pizza.

Deep dish pizza overdose face.

Fried egg, bacon, and cheese . . . what could be better?
Oh yea, just add some fresh cut french fries on that 'ol sammy right there.

Man vs. Food gang sign.

In Atlanta, we checked out Pie in the Sky and then Vortex Burger before the Saints vs. Falcons game.

My second place fav burger in the country: Vortex.

In Vegas we loved Hash House-A-Go-Go so much that we went there twice.

Chicken and waffles!
(with bacon cooked into the waffles. yes. seriously.)

. . . and then wanted to barf our guts up.

In San Fran, we got some sandwiches at Ike's Place.

We even met Ike himself!

They gave out caramel apple suckers with every sammy, how cool is that??

While in St. Louis we went to Crown Candy Kitchen and Iron Barley . . . but somehow all the pictures from that fateful trip mysteriously disappeared.
Hmmm . . . 

If you are ever out and about gallavanting around the country, I would highly recommend checking out the website (thanks Trish!) to get a complete listing of all sorts of restaurants seen on tv!

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