Beards and babies and piers and beers

Oct 23, 2011

Here's to a successfully relaxing weekend. . . 
5 rotations down, 7 to go.
We got this.

Friday night, Jenna and I celebrated by enjoying the sunset (and the awesome weather) out on the pier. 

Then we met up with some other girls from our class for dinner.
(Roomie pic!)

It was actually one of the first times we've all been able to relax and enjoy a night out together with everyone.
(Thanks to our entire class being forced to endure this rare form of torture they call the radiology conference)
8 hours.
On a Saturday.

Afterwards, Jenna and I helped throw a Christmas themed wedding shower for our friend Amy.
(More pics to come soon!)
Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit more than getting to enjoy 99% of the Christmassy treats and crafts you've seen on Pinterest!

 Time out.
Squishy baby alert.
Jenna's little cousin, Sophie.

Stuff like this make me wanna have babies . . .
. . . and persuade Josh to re-grow his beard.

(Thanks Ellie for finding this)

Hope you peeps out there had a wonderful weekend!

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