Ghost huntin at Lolla

Oct 21, 2011

During our trip last summer to Lollapalooza, we found out our hotel had a pretty spooky history.
After seeing some creepy things around the hotel our first night there, we did a little research.
Come to find out . . . The Congress Plaza hotel in downtown Chicago is recorded as the most haunted hotel in the city.
It was formerly owned by Al Capone, and it was rumored that he used it as his "headquarters".
Supposedly, there are many instances of appliances turning themselves on and off, and security guards have heard "ghostly noises" coming out of an empty ballroom.

While we were there, we gladly gave ourselves our own little ghost tour of a very abandoned third floor of the hotel.
For some reason, the elevators wouldn't allow you to get off on the third floor.
It only involved climbing out onto the fire escape down to the freaky floor below and opening some windows and doors that looked like they weren't supposed to be opened . . . no big deal.

Thank heavens we had Josh there to document it all on film.
Except for the scary stuff.

(Highlight of the video: Michael saying "Freeeeeeze" Zack Galifianakis SNL Digital Short "Zack Drops by the Set". Google it. Now.)

Anyways, this door was pretty much just begging us to open it.

. . . as was this one. 
Which nearly fell off the hinges.

For the record, Jennifer walked in the supposedly haunted ballroom (before I had told anyone I knew about the security guards hearing things in there) and she claims she heard scary things, and I believe her. 
(Only cause she has ghosts in her house too, and she doesn't lie about them.)

Here's another scary door.

These pictures don't quite do the scariness justice . . . 
Well, except for this one.
I get chills/nauseous just looking at it.

Hey look . . . some crackers on top of a box of weird fuse things.
Let's eat them.

Hey look . . . some blood.
No joke.
Real blood.

Freaky stuff down here.

. . . and then we concluded the night, finding an extremely scary empty room filled with . . . 


Well ghosts, until next time . . .

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