THE Dinoroar

Oct 8, 2011

One of Charlie's most awesome quality is his ability to be weird.

He's widely known throughout the land for his infamous "dinoroar"

It's kinda his way of saying "Pay attention to me dang it!" or "If you don't do what I want in the next 10 seconds I will go nuts, even though I'm a dog and I can't speak words to let you know what exactly it is that I want"

It's getting to be a daily occurrence, particularly in the mornings when Charlie wants to go outside, and sometimes we like to ag it on.
I felt weird typing the phrase "ag it on"
That can't be a real word, but thats exactly how we say it and there's not another appropriate word in the thesaurus, sorry.
Anyways, it's pretty fun to say "Wanna go outside?" two millions times until we get a dinoroar.
It's the little things . . .

This one is too dark to see Charles, but just wait for it at the end, epic Dinoroar.

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