Lookin forward to a great weekend

Oct 14, 2011

This past Valentine's Day, I gave Josh tickets to see an Avett Brothers show in Dallas in April.

Little did we know, the show would get postponed to October (because Scott Avett had a little baby!) and that they would add a second night.

Since the concert was forever ago, and we have both moved apartments since then, we had a little freakout moment Thursday night when we were trying to find the tickets.
We searched high and low, exchanged sassy comments, and we had even planned to call Ticketmaster this morning and use the "someone stole our tickets" excuse.
(I didn't think they would respond well to the "my boyfriend is irresponsible and hates his Valentine's Day gift so much that he lost the carefully handcrafted card" excuse)

. . . but before I got too loco, I received this text:

When in fear of the wrath of little 'ol me, blame the cutest dog in the world.
It's a win win situation.
Well played, Mr. Kerrigan.

We are pretty pumped about spending Friday and Saturday night watching one of our favorite bands.
Me & Maggie got to see the boys play at Red Rocks this summer, but another great Avett experience was when we got to see another two night show this past New Year's Eve in Asheville, NC.
The David Mayfield Parade opened up for them, and David Mayfield's sister, Jessica Lea Mayfield came out to play her song "For Today" during the Avett Brothers set.
I found this video of their performance from our New Year's Eve show, and I'm crossing my fingers for a surprise visit by miss Jessica since her brother is the opening act this weekend as well.

Dear Avetts, no more planning concerts during baby season.

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