Dinner (If I were a housewife)

Oct 7, 2011

Being a PA student with hardly any spare time, I often daydream about the amazing meals I will make one day when I get to spend less time studying and more time doing cool things.

In planning these imaginary future meals, I have developed a mile long list of bookmarked recipes online, so I thought I would share some of my favorites.

These dishes pretty much cover my main food groups: starches, carbs, and cheese.

Easy Beer Mac & Cheese
Photo credit: Howsweeteats.com
Here's the link to the recipe at HowSweetEats.com

Crock pot french onion soup
Like Jessica, at HowSweetEats.com, I am not very good friends with vegetables and I also have a recently (bravely!) developed love for caramelized onions.
Photo credit: Howsweeteats.com
  Here's the link to the recipe.

I guess we should try to throw something kinda healthy in the mix . . .
SkinnyTaste.com's Bangin Good Shrimp
(It's a copycat of one of my favorite things at Bonefish Grill, the BangBang Shrimp)

Baked chipotle sweet potato fries
(with skinny ranch dip on the side)
photo credit: Skinnytaste.com
Here's the link to the recipe.
I prefer marshmellow cream/cinnamon/cream cheese dipping sauce over ranch, so I will probably improvise.
(Not that I'm cooking this anytime in my near future)
I guess this counts as a vegetable, right?
Sweet potatoes (and caramelized onions) are really the only veggies in my book . . .
Sometiiiimes sweet potato fries count as a dessert in my brain.

But hey, vegetables aren't supposed to be desserts, no matter how much sugar covers them.
The real dessert in this imaginary meal of my future life will be these magical creations:

Cookie dough stuffed cupcakes
(Kris from YoungMarriedChic's brilliant invention)
(and it's the only picture on the post that I actually took and didn't borrow)
Recipe Here.
Bake. Now.
Just ignore the whole 6 1/2 sticks of butter thing.
I've actually made these puppies before, and I'm already looking forward to making them again!

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