A Weekend with the Rats & The Avetts

Oct 16, 2011

I am pretty blessed to have an awesome sister and brother with great taste in music, love for good food, and hilarious personalities. 
We all went to Dallas this weekend to hang out with Josh (& Charles) and go to the Avett Brothers concert.

(My phone was having technical difficulties this weekend so I stole a bunch of Ellie's pics)

Ellie hairsprayed Mike's hair while he was asleep.
Very Russell Brand.

Friday night, before the other rats got to Dallas, Josh and I got to go try out a place downtown that we've been dying to go to, The Commissary.
(Side note: I accidentally ate mustard and accidentally liked it)

I had The Farmer's Burger
(Duck egg and vermont cheese with sweet potato tots!)
No matter how awesome the menu is, I don't posses the ability to pass up a chance to incorporate an egg onto anything.

We mistakenly took the DART (public transit) to the show, thinking it would save us some time and moolah . . . and we will never do that again.
It sure made for an adventure though!!

Anyways, the shows were amazing and we were not let down.
Lots and lots and lots of boot stompin was involved.

Scott & David Mayfield

What do ya know?
Mike ends up with the shirt off . . .

We made it back just in time to catch a quick round of shuffleboard and celebrate the Rangers win!

Hope everyone had a guhhhhhhreat weekend! 

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Ellie Ratcliff said...


Here's the video for Kick Drum Heart.. It's a little shakey thanks to all the boot stompin' we were doing, Em.

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